The inforum Internet information platform enables in-house parties and additional external cooperation partners, customers and suppliers to communicate with each other. According to their roles, the parties involved in a project can access relevant data. All project data are available online twenty-four-seven.

Always keep track of things

inforum organises projects in clear-cut and neat structures. Every party involved in a project can obtain information about the current project status at any time. This includes, among others, the status of time-critical work packages, possible delays or even associated unsolved problems.

Intuitive and easy to use

The portal site of inforum shows you all relevant project data (master data, structure, manual, milestones, documents and team). Furthermore your own outstanding tasks are displayed immediately in a personalised area.

Cut down on costs

The standardised communication processes improve the quality of the processes. Efforts involved in supplier management are reduced just like rework. When problems or complaints come up, these can be organised as well and settled quickly.