Project Management - inforum:PM

Management and those responsible for projects make important decisions every day on the basis of information provided. The highest possible significance and timeliness of the information are essential influential factors for the best possible decisions. Why does a project need system support?

The requirement for that is the integration of determined processes and their acceptance. inforum provides the user with these processes in an easy to use way as a communications platform.

inforum:PM is designed as a central information platform for project managers and project staff.

It is used for the planning, implementation, monitoring and control of projects of any type or size, while conforming to international project management and quality assurance standards.

Through its modular structure, inforum is suitable for any size of business and type of project and can be put together according to customer specifications. The continuous integration of processes and interaction of the individual modules form the basis for optimal project results.

The Target

The target of implementing inforum as a strategic business solution is to provide responsible project leaders and project staff with an increased sense of responsibility with simple and cost-effective tools. These tools should in a very short time ensure an increase in efficiency, improved product quality and a resulting reduction in cost, along with a better competitive position.