Basic System - inforum:BASIC

The product is a framework for the creation of complex web applications, dynamic websites, intranets or extranets.

The target here is a comprehensive, modular work environment for any purpose, where information must be centrally managed and entered. An easy to operate editing system is the basis for entry of any type of data. The only prerequisite for implementing the system is a web browser.

You data is available at any time in the intranet or internet in its latest version - that allows you to work from any workstation and even from anywhere in the world.

Internet, Intranet or Extranet?

You do not have to decide. Whether its professional web presence externally or an internal company communications platform with all the relevant information for your staff, inforum offers both.

The big advantage of the possibility of combining solutions is the easy and convenient maintenance of content in ONE system - rights-based and with the appropriate security.

The layout will of course be adapted to your wishes.

The basic package inforum:BASIC contains the inforum CMS (Content Management System).

inforum CMS is an easy editing system that provides for and organizes the creation and processing of website content.