The Strategic Platform.

...100% web-based
That means your project data is available at any time in the intranet or internet. This gives you the possibility of working location-independent at any workstation with internet access.

...enterprise-wide application or b2b network
It is entirely up to you if you want to use inforum only internally at your workstations or if you also want to link your customers and suppliers. The modular platform leaves all paths open: Integrate additional modules - tailor-made to your needs.

...process-oriented & access right based
With inforum, any processes and workflows created in a project are continually available across the application. Presentation of project data depends upon rights or project roles. This is not only a feature of the integrated security; this way, users will be presented only data and functions that are relevant to them at the given moment.

...THE cost-effective strategic business solution
With the purchase of the product, everything you need will be supplied. No additional costs are further incurred for expensive database licenses.