Quality Management - inforum:QM

inforum offers modules not only for project management - it also proves its benefits for quality management.

In addition to project-related modules: Action Management, Meeting Management and Reviews, inforum also offers quality-relevant modules. Over the years, they have stood the test at many well-known companies and have been the subject of continuing improvement processes.

Problem Solving - structured solutions to problems

Problems in development or production processes have a negative effect on costs and the image of the company.

The target therefore must be to permanently eliminate these problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. A structured procedure model and a constantly documented problem solving process embedded in the company is indispensable, as an important cornerstone in quality management.

The Problem Solving module fulfills all requirements and standards of our internationally operating customers and has already proven itself very well over the years. The constantly current, common information base can in a significantly effective manner, compare new problems to similar problems already solved and stored in the system. They can be eliminated more rapidly.

The basis of the Problem Solving module is a team-oriented problem solving process according to the approved 8D method. This method weighs especially heavily with problems whose cause is unknown.

But do not use this module merely to handle project-specific problems. Analyze the knowledge on problem solving gained during the project in the perspective of a continuing improvement process in your company. In the process, increase for the long-term the performance and efficiency of your business!

Complaint Management

The Complaint Management Module builds a quality-oriented framework over all problem-solving process from the supplier to the customer along the supply chain. inforum fully maps all the steps and workflows that make up complaints handling - from registering the claim to solving the problem - and analyzes data and figures for you.

Further invaluable additional benefits that result above all from the interaction with structured problem solving are quite obvious:

You can, for example, draw conclusions on your business processes from the analysis of reaction times or average complaint processing times and thus use the data to benefit the continuous improvement process. That way not only will your quality improve, but with an increase in efficiency, your costs will go down in the long-term.